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Liz Morris emm36 at cam.ac.uk
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Dear Graham, We decided to lash out £150 on Friday in the interests of 
getting our facts right so will be able to check your point about the text. 
I must confess none of us thought of that angle.

What grieves me is that none of the journalists thought "Hang on... 15% is 
about 1/7 and I'm sure someone said Greenland ice was about 7m of sea level 
rise .... that's about 1m of sea level rise over 12 years...some mistake 
surely? " Must have the attention span of a gnat!

I very much doubt our letter will be published but John Vidal of the 
Guardian has told us he will be trying to phone the Times Atlas chief 
editor over the weekend to sort things out so something is happening.

Best wishes, Liz

 On Sep 17 2011, Graham Cogley wrote:

>Dear Liz - I think the letter to the Times is admirable. It says all that
>needs to be said.
>One question that has yet to be addressed is whether the mistakes appear in
>the text of the Atlas. I do not propose, for the investigation of this
>point, to lay out 150 pounds to replace my genuinely "authoritative and
>comprehensive" 1977 edition of the Atlas, but perhaps colleagues in
>Cambridge will be better placed. Ideally, Times Books will agree to replace
>the map plate in reprintings. However, if the front matter perpetuates the
>mistakes then something more will be required in order to stop this from
>becoming the next "glaciergate" - by analogy with the 1999 article in the
>Indian magazine Down To Earth which was the germ of Himalayagate.
>A deeper question is how to make it less likely in future that even
>well-educated people in publishing and journalism can find this sort of
>tripe plausible. Compulsory physical geography to age 16 in schools?
>Best regards,
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>Dear all, 
> It seems the attchment to my email got stripped off at some stage when I 
> posted it to Cryolist. I will try to send it again but it is a large file 
> (2 MBytes) as we have included a comparison of the new Times map with a 
> mosaic of recent MODIS scenes to show what the problem is. If the 
> attachment is not with this email and you want to see it, please email me 
> directly (as some keen souls have already done) and I'll try alternative 
> methods.
> Liz--
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Work Tel: +44 (0)1223 336568

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