[CRYOLIST] Attachment to letter to the Times

Martin O'Leary mewo2 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 19 09:07:13 PDT 2011

As fun as it is to bash The Times, the images I've seen of the erroneous map do bear a striking resemblance to the following map which I was able to pull up on the NSIDC website by poking about looking for ice thickness information: http://bit.ly/o3iV6i

Anyone from NSIDC care to comment on what the data source being used here is? I'm sure it's just an issue of definitions over what's an "ice sheet" and what's an "outlet glacier", but it's pretty easy to see how an atlas-maker could use that as an authoritative source on what's going on in Greenland.

Martin O'Leary

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