[CRYOLIST] Industrial Post Doc Position to Build Decision-Support System for Managing Sea Ice and Iceberg Hazards

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 Industrial Postdoctoral Position

*r**esearch, design and implementation of a decision support system *

*for managing sea ice and iceberg hazards during offshore petroleum

* *
Degree Requirement

Candidate must be about to finish a PhD/Doctorate by September/October 2013
or have completed this degree less than 2 years ago.

Position open as of August 1, 2013. Postdoc lasts 2 years, after which
Candidate is to continue as full time employee of sponsoring company.
Disciplinary Background

Position is not defined by a single discipline but by skillsets. Candidate
must be able to model and build in software, the data capture,
transformation, analysis, transfer and communication involved with
decision-making in this area of marine industrial practice. This will
require Candidate to have strong software engineering skills, and to know
about or be able to learn best practices in ice surveillance and management
in offshore petroleum operations and maritime transits in zones affected by
sea ice and icebergs.
Relevant Disciplinary Fields

Candidates will likely come from a background in:

·         physical oceanography; physical geography specializing in sea
ice/icebergs, geographical information systems; naval architecture,
mechanical or ocean engineering, physics, or

·         industrial engineering, business process modelling, software
engineering and decision-support systems.
Position and Employer

This is an industrial postdoctoral position, which is jointly managed by
Canatec (www.canatec.ca) and the Marine Institute at Memorial University of
Newfoundland, with primary funding from MITACS (http://www.mitacs.ca).
During the duration of this 2 year innovation project, Candidate will work
primarily out of the Marine Institute as a university postdoctoral fellow,
but spend time as appropriate in Canatec’s nearby office.

Canatec is one of the leading providers of specialized ice consulting and
field advisory services in ice. The company also makes specialized ice
instruments and software to support research and operations in ice for the
offshore petroleum industry and for shipping companies. Head office is in
Calgary, with branches in Newfoundland and the Netherlands and
representation in Kazakhstan, Beijing and Inuvik. Client base is global and
projects are primarily in arctic areas. Senior staff are recognized
internationally as leaders in their fields. Canatec is looking for bright,
entrepreneurial, engaged and highly creative people to expand the company’s
knowledge-intensive products and services business world wide.

The Marine Institute (www.mi.mun.ca) is mandated to support the growth of
maritime industry in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador in a way
that enhances safety, efficiency and respect for the environment, through
research, training, education and linkage to private industry. Building an
advanced research capacity in the field of operations in ice is seen as a
priority for the Marine Institute. Memorial University is located in St.
John’s which has a strong and growing high-tech cluster of cold ocean
service and products companies, along with several other oceans-related
Centres of Excellence and the Institute of Ocean Technology at the National
Research Council near the campus.

Canatec is currently building a simple decision-support “tool box” to
improve the practice of monitoring and advising on hazardous ice conditions
to support marine transits and offshore operations in ice, by our trained
Ice Advisors.  The system planned in this joint project with the Marine
Institute will be a major extension of this initial tool, integrated with
the bridge of a vessel or structure operating in ice, and used by ice
personnel and crew to keep track of ice and met-ocean conditions that might
affect operations, and provide full decision-support on coping with ice
hazards and alerts.  Initially the focus will be on petroleum drilling
operations, but this can be extended to all other operations in ice, from
seismic survey to construction and trenching as well as fishing and

Candidate will be supported by Canatec staff in our Newfoundland, Calgary
and Netherlands offices. Canatec will supply all its information on best
practices and its current software used in supporting offshore operations
in ice. In addition, Canatec will supply opportunities for the Candidate to
learn this specialized industrial area by having the Candidate participate
in some of its commercial consulting, innovation and field advisory

At the Marine Institute, Candidate will have access to Memorial
University’s full range of research facilities and colleagues. Of
particular utility will be the simulator, access to research voyages in ice
conditions, specialized software, metocean instrumentation, ship
performance data and displays.
Permanent Position

At the termination of this project, Candidate will continue as a full time,
permanent employee at Canatec. Work will deal with furthering the
development of the decision-support tool, innovation of other software and
instrument products, consulting in the area of ice/iceberg environments and
field work on board ships and platforms, as well as data gathering
expeditions in marine ice zones around the world. Close links with the
Marine Institute will be maintained.

The postdoctoral fellowship does not just involve research, but requires
Candidate to have skills in design and innovation of a working product. As
Canatec’s intention is to hire a person who will continue working with the
company, Candidate must also demonstrate:

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Creativity

·         Eagerness to learn new skills

·         Ability to work under conditions of uncertainty, limited data and
rapidly shifting timelines

·         Enjoyment of interacting with clients and customers to recognize
and solve their problems

·         Ability to work both independently and in collaborative team

·         Eagerness to do field work, in the Arctic and on board ships

·         Strong communications, decision-making and reporting skills.

Position is funded jointly by the Marine Institute and Canatec, but
primarily by MITACS and must conform to MITACS’ eligibility criteria
relating to dates of PhD. Information about the MITACS Accelerate program
is available at: http://www.mitacs.ca/accelerate.
Other Criteria

Preference is given to Canadian citizens and residents, but applications
from Candidates of any country are welcomed.

Initial contact should be made to Canatec: opportunity at canatec.ca.
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