[CRYOLIST] FW: SPIE Call for Papers: Special Section on Progress in Snow Remote Sensing

Hongjie Xie Hongjie.Xie at utsa.edu
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I just realized I sent my email to a wrong email. Please post it ASAP. thanks, Hongjie

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Subject: FW: SPIE Call for Papers: Special Section on Progress in Snow Remote Sensing

Dear Cryolist members,

You are invited to contribute your recent works related to snow remote sensing to a special issue/section detailed below,


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Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

From: SPIE Journals [mailto:SPIE-Journals at reply.spie.org]
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To: Hongjie Xie
Subject: SPIE Call for Papers: Special Section on Progress in Snow Remote Sensing

View as web page<http://click.reply.spie.org/?qs=046d49c612322202993152aea4974e8e88841191507d2de281c86902018fb0d4ee6c2de9ce5c88d5>

[SPIE Call for Papers: Journal of Applied Remote Sensing]<http://click.reply.spie.org/?qs=046d49c6123222023ca3d8e53246c895694bcd7d629c3a1c4b6f7379912896814f770d817bbd095c>

The Journal of Applied Remote Sensing will be publishing a Special Section on Progress in Snow Remote Sensing<http://click.reply.spie.org/?qs=bfd2a01f78a3182d85d97431913f1f50478f39eed07acd22a1d504bcb668415488dc4d04fea81708>, guest edited by Hongjie Xie, Chunlin Huang, and Tiangang Liang. The submission deadline is 1 December 2013.

This special section calls for original papers reflecting the current progress and advances in snow remote sensing and in situ experiments on studying snow physical processes and for calibration/validation (cal/val) of remote sensing snow measurements. All papers will undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Submitted papers must be closely related to the following subject areas:

  *   Optical/thermal remote sensing of snow

  *   Microwave remote sensing of snow

  *   Radiative theory for snow remote sensing and modeling

  *   In situ measurements of snow properties for cal/val of remote sensing algorithms and products

See the full call for papers<http://click.reply.spie.org/?qs=bfd2a01f78a3182d3b7c471ec977048d6e351941da0a1cb0bcaa5fdb0d131c4373ab293726f78d6a>

Manuscripts should be submitted to SPIE according to the journal guidelines with a cover letter indicating that the submission is intended for this special section. All papers submitted for this special section, both solicited and unsolicited, will go through the standard journal review process.

The Journal of Applied Remote Sensing is published in the SPIE Digital Library, with freely searchable abstracts and tables of contents; articles are available via subscription or pay-per-view.

[Learn more about SPIE Journals open access]<http://click.reply.spie.org/?qs=bfd2a01f78a3182d6c5c3a9e966d43f334c6ee4b2792d367b85ad4e38118feb33613de1f6de6f9d5>


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