[CRYOLIST] Second Snow Remote Sensing Workshop Jan.14-16, 2014

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Fri Oct 25 18:44:28 PDT 2013

Dear Colleagues:
It is an exciting and challenging time for snow remote sensing.  The NASA Snow Working Group for Remote Sensing (SWGR) has been holding a series of meetings to create a blueprint for future U.S. and International snow remote sensing research, and to create a community and forum for the exchange of ideas related to snow and remote sensing.  In August we held a three-day workshop in Boulder that was widely attended. We are continuing the work.
Between January 14-16th 2014 we will hold our 2nd Snow Remote Sensing Workshop at Granby, Colorado. The workshop has three goals:
1.     To continue community work on the blueprint for snow remote sensing that was begun at the 1st workshop in August.
2.     To exchange ideas and new results related to snow remote sensing, and
3.     To demonstrate new instruments and techniques for measuring snow in the field.
At the 1st workshop, it was decided that SWGR should work toward developing a community snow school for graduate students and practitioners. We are pleased to announce that we will be able the first such course on January 7-9th at Fraser Experimental Forest in Colorado. The winter course is aimed at teaching snow measurement skills to new practitioners and modelers in order to increase the quality of the results for all snow data users. The course will introduce students to standard and specialized methods of characterizing the snowpack. The winter course will be followed in the summer by a companion course computer for snow model, details of which will be forthcoming soon.
Details and registration for the workshop and snow school will be posted shortly at: http://nasasnowremotesensing.gi.alaska.edu/
We want to get the word out as widely as we can for these two community activities, so please share this email with interested colleagues, and post the attached flyer. Interest was high for the 1st workshop and we expect interest level in the 2nd workshop and the snow school will also be high, so we urge you to contact us and to register early.
Hope to see you in Colorado in January!

Matthew Sturm (workshop)                                      Kelly Elder (snow school)
matthew.sturm at gi.alaska.edu                                    elderrmrs at gmail.com
Dr. Matthew Sturm
Geophysical Institute
903  Koyukuk Drive
University of Alaska
Fairbanks,  AK 99775-7320
(sent by Ron Weaver for Matt)

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