[CRYOLIST] Advanced Workshop: Micromorphology of sediment deformation: 7-11 October 2013

Simon Carr s.j.carr at qmul.ac.uk
Fri Sep 6 00:06:51 PDT 2013

Dear All,

I would like to draw your attention to an advanced workshop in the micromorphology of sediment deformation which will be held at the Centre for Micromorphology at Queen Mary, University of London from 7-11th October 2013. This workshop is led by Dr Simon Carr and Professor Jaap van der Meer (QMUL) and Dr Emrys Phillips (BGS Edinburgh). This workshop is particularly aimed at researchers who have prior experience in the micro-scale analysis of glacial sediments, or who have attended previous International Workshops on Micromorphology of Glacial Sediments. However, please contact the organisers if you would like to establish whether this course is appropriate for you.

The workshop will comprise lectures examining the application of micromorphology to (glacial) sediments that preserve evidence of deformation, a review of current thinking on processes and mechanisms of sediment deformation, but mainly focuses on practical updates and training on recent developments in collection, manipulation and analysis of micro-scale properties of deforming sediments.

We anticipate the workshop to result in a co-authored paper with all participants to be published in an international, peer-reviewed journal.

Key themes explored will include:
	• Describing and understanding polyphase deformation and strain signatures;
	• Microstructural mapping and microfabric analysis;
	• Quantification and digital mapping of plasmic fabrics (Metripol analysis);
	• Application of 3D X-ray computed tomography; This includes the scanning and reconstruction of samples brought to the workshop by delegates.
	• Provenancing using thin sections.

In order for every participant to have continuous access to key equipment the maximum number is set at 12 delegates. Delegates are invited to bring thin sections of particular interest along to the workshop, and also a sediment sample to be scanned and reconstructed using 3D x-ray computed tomography

Registration for the workshop (not including accommodation) will be £500 per delegate, and can be accessed from the following link:


For further information, please contact Dr Simon Carr (s.j.carr at qmul.ac.uk).

Best wishes,

Simon Carr
Dr Simon Carr
Director, Centre for Micromorphology,
School of Geography,
Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, UK.
t: 00 44 20 7882 2780
f: 00 44 20 8981 6276
e: s.j.carr at qmul.ac.uk
twitter: @DrSimonCarr, @MicromorphQMUL

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