[CRYOLIST] Randolph Glacier Inventory: release of version 3.2

Siri Jodha Khalsa sjsk at nsidc.org
Thu Sep 12 10:22:06 PDT 2013

Good news, but unfortunate timing regarding the link provided.

Boulder is under flash flood alert and NSIDC is in the floodplain. 
Systems have been shut down so glims.org is currently unavailable.

On 9/12/13 10:03 AM, gcogley1 at cogeco.ca wrote:
> Dear colleagues – We are happy to be able to announce the release of
> version 3.2 of the Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI). It features improved
> accuracy of glacier outlines in many places, notably Alaska (more recent
> source imagery) and South America (source imagery with less seasonal snow),
> filling of some gaps (for example in the tropics and in Burma), and
> correction of errors in a number of places.
> The RGI is downloadable from http://glims.org/RGI/, where there is also a
> Technical Report describing the main features of the inventory. Certain
> restrictions still apply to use of the RGI, but these restrictions will be
> relaxed upon publication of AR5, the Fifth Assessment Report of the
> Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the report for which the RGI was
> originally compiled).
> Planning is under way for the assimilation of new material from the RGI
> into GLIMS (Global Land Ice Measurements from Space), so that GLIMS as well
> as the RGI will be globally complete. There is, however, no schedule yet
> for completion of this non-trivial project.
> Two examples of the potential of the RGI for advancing global-scale
> glaciology are Gardner et al., 2013, A reconciled estimate of glacier
> contributions to sea level rise: 2003 to 2009, Science, 340, 852-857; and
> Radiæ et al., 2013, Regional and global projections of 21st century glacier
> mass changes in response to climate scenarios from global climate models,
> Climate Dynamics, doi:10.1007/s00382-013-1719-7. A number of other
> publications that rely on earlier versions of the RGI have also appeared
> recently.
> With regards,
> Tad Pfeffer, Anthony Arendt, Andy Bliss, Tobias Bolch, Graham Cogley
> (correspondence to gcogley at trentu.ca please), Alex Gardner, Jon Ove Hagen,
> Regine Hock, Georg Kaser, Christian Kienholz, Evan Miles, Geir Moholdt,
> Nico Mölg, Frank Paul, Valentina Radiæ, Philipp Rastner, Bruce Raup, Justin
> Rich, Martin Sharp.
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