[CRYOLIST] Arctic sea ice website

Markku Similä Markku.Simila at fmi.fi
Fri Feb 14 06:09:33 PST 2014

Dear cryolisters,

We would like to draw your attention towards an ongoing demonstration phase of  the ANISTIAMO project. ANISTIAMO is an ESA funded project to improve Maritime Surveillance and Arctic Sea Ice Information. 

For the demonstration phase we provide sea ice thickness and drift products for the Barents and Kara seas. Also the ice concentration charts by 
JAXA over the same area are available on our website.  The products are available at www.arcice.org.  All products can be viewed freely but if you want to download them, possible also in numerical format (netCDF file), registration is mandatory.
Feedback about the products and the website is strongly encouraged. Please send any comments you may have to markku.simila at fmi.fi. 
Best regards,

Markku Similä
Finnish Meteorological Institute

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