[CRYOLIST] ICIMOD Himalayan glacier inventory now in GLIMS

Bruce RAUP braup at nsidc.org
Thu Sep 11 10:50:43 PDT 2014

Hello all,

It is my pleasure to announce that the glacier inventory of the Himalayan
region announced by the International Center for Integrated Mountain
Development (ICIMOD) in May of this year (http://www.icimod.org/?q=13569)
is now in the GLIMS Glacier Database.  This set of 38200 outlines adds
approximately 24000 new glaciers to the GLIMS database, and 14000 new
outlines that were already represented in the GLIMS database.

These are the current summary statistics for the GLIMS Glacier Database:

Number of glaciers represented                  139936
Number of outlines (snapshots)                  160502
Earliest analysis is dated                  1870-01-01
Most recent analysis is dated               2011-11-09
Area of glacier coverage, latest snapshot       432823 km2
Number of glaciers with multi-temporal coverage 18165

We greatly appreciate the work of ICIMOD staff to provide this rich data
set to GLIMS.  In particular, we thank Finu Shrestha for bringing her
expertise to NSIDC for a week to help format the data for easy ingest into
the database.

With best regards,
Bruce Raup

Bruce H. RAUP
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado
449 UCB,  Boulder, CO 80309
Phone:  303-492-8814

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