[CRYOLIST] The Role of Meltwater in Abrupt Climate Change (AGU 2015)

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Dear Colleagues,

As the AGU 2015 deadline approaches (Weds., 5 Aug.), we hope you will consider submitting an abstract to the interdisciplinary session PP031: The Role of Meltwater in Abrupt Climate Change: From the Arctic to Antarctic.  As increasing evidence suggests that direct freshening of the North Atlantic may not be the primary or sole driver of abrupt climate change, we are particularly interested in highlighting studies that investigate the complex circulation and resulting climate feedbacks of iceberg/meltwater routing that may differ from the traditional North Atlantic pathways.

Session Description:
The discharge of meltwater and icebergs to the polar oceans is known to have a major impact on global ocean circulation and may be critical in forcing abrupt climate change; however the mechanisms remain unclear. Recent work has highlighted that meltwater inputs far beyond the North Atlantic can have a significant effect on global climate. As the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets continue melting, it is essential to understand how changes in freshwater influence ocean circulation and climate. This session will bring together results from numerical modeling, instrumental, and proxy studies investigating the role of freshwater in driving abrupt climate shifts during varying time periods. We encourage submissions from high-resolution models, new geochemical proxies, records of iceberg transport and meltwater pathways, and innovative studies focusing on freshwater forcing in subtropical and/or tropical latitudes and other far-field sites, including the Arctic, Antarctic and Pacific, in addition to traditional North Atlantic records.
Co-Organized with: Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, and Ocean Sciences
Cross-Listed: Global Environmental Change


Abstract Deadline: Weds., 5 August

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jenna Hill (CCU) & Alan Condron (UMass)

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