[CRYOLIST] Permafrost Forecast, AGU Fall Meeting 2015

Elchin Jafarov eejafarov at alaska.edu
Mon Aug 3 15:15:36 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention our final Call-For-Abstracts to
our session at the AGU Fall Meeting 2015 in San Francisco.

Exploring a Permafrost Forecast System

Scientists project vast permafrost changes in Alaska as a result of global
warming and permafrost there has already begun to degrade. Such degradation
affects communities, infrastructure, coastal erosion, and ecosystems.
Year-ahead forecasts of permafrost activity could help to reduce losses and
encourage actions to limit damage. But a forecast system does not exist and
is not planned although the needed components are available. The American
Geophysical Union will host a session at its annual meeting December 14-18
in San Francisco to bring scientists, government officials, and potential
users together to discuss the need for and challenges of creating a
permafrost forecast system. We invite input from those who monitor and
model permafrost activity and those who forecast climate (e.g. NOAA’s
year-ahead seasonal forecasts). We also invite discussion of possible
applications of permafrost forecasts from potential partners in affected
governments, native groups, NGOs, and the private sector.

Submit an abstract here:

Best Regards,

·       Rachael Grace Jonassen, George Washington University, Washington,
DC, rachaelj at gwu.edu

·       Richard Thoman, NOAA, National Weather Service, Alaska Region,
Fairbanks, AK, richard.thoman at noaa.gov

·       Marina M Livezey, NOAA Washington DC, Washington, DC,
marina.timofeyeva at noaa.gov

·       Elchin E Jafarov, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO,
elchin.jafarov at colorado.edu
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