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A post doctoral fellowship is available at IFREMER-CNRS (Laboratoire 
d'Océanographie Spatiale and Laboratoire de Physique des Océans), Brest- 

For further details and application submission, please see the attached 
file or details below.

The application should be submitted by email to fanny.ardhuin at ifremer.fr 
<mailto:fanny.ardhuin at ifremer.fr>

Application deadline is *September 10, 2015.*

*Post-doctoral fellowship at Ifremer - France*
*Study of the Arctic sea ice variability, understanding the relative 
contributions of the atmospheric forcings using satellite observation 
and model data

Over the past decade, the Arctic Basin has been undergoing major 
transformations, including a significant decline of the sea ice cover. 
Part of this decline is thought to be related to an earlier start of the 
melting season every year. The sea ice pack goes through different 
phases over the year: Sea ice formation occurs in winter, followed by a 
decrease in extent and volume in spring and summer, due to both local 
melting and sea ice drift and export outside of the Arctic Basin through 
Fram Strait.In this study, we plan to examine the spatial and temporal 
variability of the Arctic sea ice pack, with a focus on the sea ice 
volume using new satellite observations of the sea ice thickness. We 
will determine and quantify the relative contributions of the different 
atmospheric forcing (dynamic and thermodynamic) to the sea ice pack 
variations over the last decade. Using multiple datasets (including the 
satellite observations available at IFREMER through the CERSAT archive 
data center and data from model reanalysis), we aim to better understand 
the physical mechanisms at play for the sea ice volume variability. This 
approach will first require to analyze and understand the limitations, 
uncertainties and errors associated with the different datasets, 
including the newly available sea ice thickness observations from the 
satellite missions Cryosat, EnviSAT and SMOS. Comparing datasets from 
various sources should allow us to highlight the consistency (or the 
lack of) between the different parameters (sea ice concentration, sea 
ice extent, sea ice drift, sea ice categories, sea ice thickness, 
atmospheric forcing) provided in the different datasets.

*Key words* : Sea ice, Arctic, satellite sensors, model, ocean, sea ice 
motion, thickness

*Main collaborators *:

- Dr Fanny Girard-Ardhuin, Laboratoire d'Océanographie 

- Dr Camille Lique, Laboratoire de Physique des Océans 

*Suitable expertise and skills *

Applicants must have completed a PhD in oceanography, meteorology, 
physics or Earth Sciences by the start of project. Solid understanding 
of ocean/atmospheric physics, knowledge and experience in data analysis 
methodologies. Experience insatelliteremote sensing would be an asset. 
Self-motivated candidates with a deep interest in polar sciences. Team 

*Start date*

Postdoctoral position will begin from the _1st of November, 2015.


*Procedure to apply to the IFREMER call*

Ifremer offers post-doctoral positions to young French or foreign 
scientists who have completed their PhD. and are motivated by 
development and innovation in various fields of Marine Sciences : 
technology and ecotechnology, aquaculture, fisheries, environment, risks 
analysis, physics of oceans, etc. ..

Postdoctoral positions are contracted for a duration of 12 months, 
possibly renewable for a non-renewable 6-month period.

Interested applicants should send :

1. A letter including the specific skills and competence for the 
postdoctoral position

2. A detailed curriculum vitae

3. A summary of work previously done, with the date of submission of the 

4. A list of publications and communications / symposia

5. Two letters of recommendation

These documents should be e-mailed to /fanny.ardhuin at ifremer.fr/

*The deadline for application is September 10, 2015.*

The criteria for selecting candidates are the following :


    The Curriculum Vitae of the nominee must be consistent with the
    proposal regarding the post-doctoral position


    The candidate must be under 35 years old at December 31, 2014.


    The candidate has not previously performed post-doctoral research at


    The candidate has spent a majority of his/her doctoral position out
    of Ifremer


The candidate will work in the Ifremer Brest Center in Plouzané(29280), 

Contacts *

Dr Fanny Girard-Ardhuin

Ifremer, Laboratoire d'Océanographie Spatiale

Email : /fanny.ardhuin at ifremer.fr /

Dr Camille Lique

Ifremer, Laboratoire de Physique des Océans

Email : /camille.lique at ifremer.fr <mailto:camille.lique at ifremer.fr> /

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