[CRYOLIST] REMINDER: Antarctic Sea Ice Variability Workshop - Call for Nominations

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Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder to encourage you to submit nominations for the planning committee for Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in the Southern Climate-Ocean System: A Workshop (see below). I realize that the deadline date on the original email was not correct. We will take nominations through the end of this week (Friday, August 21).

Thanks again!

From: Macalady, Alison
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 2:39 PM
To: Hudson, Michael; Macalady, Alison
Subject: Antarctic Sea Ice Variability Workshop - Call for Nominations


Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in the Southern Climate-Ocean System: A Workshop

DEADLINE: Friday, August 21

Dear Colleagues,

The Polar Research Board (PRB) and the Ocean Studies Board (OSB) are pleased to announce a new National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine workshop on 'Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in the Southern Climate-Ocean System'. This workshop is sponsored by NASA, NSF, and ONR. It will assess current understanding of processes driving Antarctic sea ice changes--including controls on decadal-scale growth and recent surge in Antarctic sea ice extent, whether or not these changes remain within the expected range of natural climate variability, and why climate models continue to fail in simulating them. The full Statement of Task for the workshop is attached. A designated rapporteur will prepare a summary report that provides a record of workshop presentations and discussions; it will not include consensus findings or recommendations.

We are seeking nominations for membership on the ad hoc committee that the Academies will appoint to plan the workshop. The committee of approximately 5 members will organize the workshop and serve as session facilitations during the event. For the planning committee, we seek people with expertise pertaining to: ocean and sea ice observations (in situ and remote sensing); Antarctic climate and oceanography; ocean, climate or sea ice modeling; process studies of the coupled sea ice - ice sheet - ocean - atmosphere system; prediction and attribution of Antarctic sea ice changes. Self-nominations are welcome.

You can submit your nominations via a web-form at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2260017/Call-for-Nominations-Antarctic-Sea-Ice-Variability-in-the-Southern-Climate-Ocean-System-A-Workshop (preferred), or send your nominations directly to Michael Hudson (mhudson at nas.edu<mailto:amacalady at nas.edu>). If submitting nominations directly, send us the person's name, affiliation, contact information, area of expertise, and a brief statement on why the person's expertise is relevant to the topic. The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 21

Having the appropriate membership is the key to the success of every Academies activity, so we appreciate your help in the committee nomination process. Thank you for your assistance.


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