[CRYOLIST] PhD/MSc positions available at University of Oregon (USA)

David Sutherland dsuth at uoregon.edu
Wed Aug 19 13:01:48 PDT 2015

Available graduate student positions (PhD or MSc), Oceanography, University of Oregon

Ice-ocean interactions

Description: The ocean’s role in influencing the cryosphere is being increasingly recognized across multiple time and space scales, from decadal variations to how fjord circulation can modulate submarine melt rates of Greenland’s outlet glaciers seasonally. Interestingly, the glacier processes can also fundamentally affect the ocean circulation, providing potential feedback mechanisms that might drive variability in both the ocean and ice systems. The aim of this project is to elucidate some of the mechanisms governing ice-ocean interaction at the glacier/fjord scale. The study site is LeConte Glacier in SE Alaska, which is analogous to Greenland systems, but with a simpler geometry and easier access observationally. We will use both observations and numerical modeling to look at the coupled response of the glacier/fjord system to changing ocean and atmospheric conditions, as well as subglacial discharge.

In addition to the project described above, the Sutherland Lab is involved in various activities involving high-latitude oceanography, both in Greenland and Antarctica. We also have begun studying the importance of icebergs to fjord circulation, and their link back to outlet glacier dynamics. Numerous opportunities exist to gain field and modeling experience, and the exact project undertaken will to a large degree be dictated by your particular interests and skills.

The successful candidate will receive tuition, stipend and health benefits and will be supported by a combination of research fellowship and teaching fellowship funds. The position is located on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene and the student will be admitted through the Department of Geological Sciences.

Qualifications: Applicants with an undergraduate or MSc degree in the natural sciences, mathematics, or computer science that have marine field experience, quantitative skills including computer programming (e.g. MATLAB, R, Python) and/or statistics are encouraged to apply.

To apply: Please contact Dr. Dave Sutherland via email (dsuth at uoregon.edu) and provide a CV, an unofficial transcript and a brief statement of your research interests.  You will need to apply through the Department of Geological Sciences Graduate Program by January 10, 2016.


Dave Sutherland
Assistant Professor
Department of Geological Sciences
1272 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
office: 541-346-8753
email: dsuth at uoregon.edu
campus address: 204 Volcanology

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