[CRYOLIST] cryo related ipcc special report proposals | call for abstracts for egu cryo risk session

Christian Huggel christian.huggel at geo.uzh.ch
Mon Dec 14 23:38:12 PST 2015

Dear all, two things:

First, an invitation to submit abstracts to the cryo risk session at EGU 
2016, session CR3.7 'Risks from a changing cryosphere':


we specifically encourage submissions on studies from all components of 
the cryosphere, from sea ice to ice sheets, glaciers, snow, and mountain 
as well as lowland permafrost.
Deadline for abstract submission is 13 January as you will know.

Conveners are Katy Barnhart, Jeff Kargel, Christian Huggel

Second, an information about upcoming IPCC Special Reports. The IPCC is 
currently collecting proposals for thematic special reports. There are a 
number of proposals for cryo-related special reports on the table, such 
as from the US and Chinese governments. In addition, Switzerland 
together with a number of further countries, is submitting a proposal 
for an IPCC Special Report on Mountains which obviously also includes 
the mountain cryosphere. If you are interested in seeing one of these 
cryo related proposals becoming reality you may want to contact your 
respective national IPCC focal point. Only about 10% of the total number 
of current proposals will get approved, mergers are possible. The IPCC 
Bureau is looking over the proposals and a decision is likely to be 
taken by the IPCC plenary in April.



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