[CRYOLIST] SPIRIT images and DEMs freely available

Etienne Berthier Etienne.Berthier at legos.obs-mip.fr
Thu Dec 17 04:20:36 PST 2015

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that the SPIRIT database is open again here:

SPIRIT was an IPY project which acquired SPOT5-HRS images over the 
periphery of the two major ice sheets and other polar ice masses. During 
the fourth IPY (2007-2009), the SPIRIT products were delivered for free. 
Access to these products has been restricted since June 2010.

A SPIRIT product is made of one 5-m ortho-image, two 40-m DEMs and two 
40-m correlation masks.

The database includes 110 products from IPY and over 30 new products 
that were generated since 2010.  These new products cover (among 
others), the North-East Greenland Ice Stream, Petermann Glacier, 
Jakobshavn Isbrae, Pine Island Glacier, part of the Antarctic Peninsula, 
the Cook Ice Shelf… Many of these new products have been generated using 
a new set of correlation parameters (as presented in Flament et al., TC, 
2014) with improved correlation success over textureless terrain.

A brief tutorial, how to browse the database:

More details about the SPIRIT project here:

We hope that these data will be useful for your scientific projects and 
will contribute to an improved understanding of the changes in the Polar 

Etienne Berthier (LEGOS) and Steven Hosford (CNES)

About SPIRIT :
> SPIRIT (SPOT 5 stereoscopic survey of Polar Ice: Reference Images 
> &Topographies) was an International Polar Year (IPY) project managed 
> jointly by the French Space Agency (CNES) and Spot Image (now Airbus 
> Defence and Space). LEGOS was the scientific PI of the project. SPIRIT 
> was a French (CNES) contribution to the GIIPSY program 
> (http://bprc.osu.edu/rsl/GIIPSY/).
> The main goal of the SPIRIT project was to obtain comprehensive 
> coverage of polar ice masses with high resolution (5 m) SPOT5 
> stereoscopic images. The target areas were the margins of both ice 
> sheets (including all their outlet ice streams) and all major ice caps 
> and icefields in the Polar Regions.
> For selected regions (upon request by the scientific community), DTMs 
> and orthorectified images have been derived from SPOT5 data and will 
> be delivered for free to polar glaciologists.
> A SPIRIT "product" consist of:
> •    two DTMs obtained using two sets of correlation parameters (to 
> cope with different types of slopes)
> •    two correlation masks (to easily detect gaps in the DEM that were 
> filled by interpolation)
> •    a SPOT5 orthorectified image with 5 m resolution

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