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Temporary Field Technicians- Fairbanks, AK

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is a $430 million dollar observatory project dedicated to understanding how changes in climate, land use and invasive species impact ecology.  For the next three decades NEON will collect a comprehensive range of ecological data on a continental scale across 20 eco-climatic domains representing US ecosystems.  NEON will use cutting edge technology including an airborne observation platform that will capture images of regional landscapes and vegetation; mobile, re-locatable, and fixed data collection sites with automated ground sensors to monitor soil and atmosphere; and trained field crews who will observe and sample populations of diverse organisms and collect soil and water data.  A leading edge cyber-infrastructure will calibrate, store and publish this information.  The Observatory will grow to 300+ personnel and will be the first of its kind designed to detect and enable forecasting of ecological change at continental scales.
This position reports to the Manager Field Operations of the assigned domain. Temporary Field Technicians assist with field observation; sample collection and handling; sample processing and sample shipment of a variety of taxa.
The Temporary Field Technician will perform a variety of scientific and technical tasks. The Temporary Field Technician is a biological sampling technician performing seasonal and periodic sampling activities. Temporary field sampling is conducted with direction from and assistance of Field Technician I, II and III. The Temporary Field Technician will also perform field and laboratory activities. The Lead Temporary Field Technician may provide guidance to temporary field technician crews.
This is a temporary assignment, with varied work schedules (up to 12+ hours per day) including split-shift, part-time, pre-dawn early mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays.
Daily and weekly work schedules will fluctuate. Work days may be up to twelve hours long. Work days may be split with morning and evening work. At times, work may begin at dawn and go through dusk. The work week may also include weekends, holidays and occasionally may be scheduled up to 12 consecutive days.
The Domain 18/19 Temporary Field Technician's primary work location is in Fairbanks, AK. This position supports sites in the Taiga and Tundra Domains. Taiga Domain candidate sites are located at the Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed near Chatanika, AK, south of Delta Junction, AK and near Healy, AK. Tundra Domain candidates sites are located at Toolik Field Station south of Prudhoe Bay and at Barrow Environmental Observatory. The Taiga and Tundra domains include most of Alaska.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  *   Follow established, standardized field procedures for sample collection; record data from sample collection; process samples in the domain lab; and prepare samples for shipment to external analytical labs.
  *   Field sampling activities include the following observation and specimen collection activities:
     *   Rodent live trapping
     *   Invertebrate collections
     *   Sediment, soil and water sample collection
     *   Plant diversity observations
     *   Plant biomass and primary productivity measurements
     *   Lake/stream bathymetry and morphology
     *   Riparian mapping
  *   Operate laboratory equipment including Wiley Mill, drying oven, analytical balance, and muffle furnace.
  *   Utilize GPS navigation system for locating, measuring and marking plots; and placing and setting traps.
  *   Perform inspection and maintenance of laboratory and field equipment.
  *   Assist with materials planning and ordering.
  *   Record activities and completed work according to Field Operations protocol.
  *   Perform field assignments in a variety of conditions (e.g., weather, terrain, diverse assigned biomes).
  *   Carry, move and lift field supplies (pack weighing up to 40 lbs.) to assigned field site (diverse and uneven terrain).
  *   Follow NEON safety and Field Operations policy and procedures.
Required Education, Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  *   High School diploma or equivalent.
  *   Ability and willingness to work varied schedules (up to 12+ hours per day), including split-shift, part-time, pre-dawn early mornings, evening and weekends.
  *   Ability to work safely in variable field conditions including:
     *   Cold and wet weather and extreme heat
     *   Hiking on difficult or hazardous terrain
     *   Exposure to stinging insects and other animal and plant hazards
  *   Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  *   Proficiency with MS Office Suite (e.g., Excel, Word).
  *   Ability to follow written and verbal instructions.
  *   Strong work ethic and enthusiasm.
  *   Ability to withstand exposure to fumes, dust and noise.
Preferred Education, Experience, Knowledge, and Skills

  *   Bachelor's degree in an associated scientific discipline (ecology, forestry or related field).
  *   Experience conducting ecology related lab or field work.
  *   Experience conducting field studies on rodents and collecting blood samples (small mammal techs).
  *   Experience identifying plants through visual inspection and use of dichotomous key (botany techs).
  *   Experience backcountry hiking and navigating (maps, compass, and GPS).
  *   Backcountry safety training course or other safety training.
  *   Experience leading field sampling activities, hikes, or assisting nature societies with seasonal nature observations.
*Individuals are responsible for their own housing and transportation.
*Overnight stays will be required depending on domain location.
*The starting rate of pay is $12.00/hr.
*Must be at least 18 years of age.
*Must have permanent authorization for US employment. NEON, Inc. will not provide any kind of visa sponsorship.
*Must have valid driver's license.
* Employment is conditioned upon successful completion of a pre- employment screen and a post-offer/pre-employment drug/alcohol test.
* Depending on the nature (full time vs. part-time) of the assignment, Temporary Field Technicians may be eligible for health insurance.
NEON Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, Minorities, Veterans and Disabled Persons are encouraged to apply.
Please apply to: www.neoninc.org<http://www.neoninc.org>

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