[CRYOLIST] New scientific data portal on satellite based products for ice sheets, glaciers and seasonal snow

Thomas Nagler thomas.nagler at enveo.at
Mon Oct 3 09:32:37 PDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to advertise the newly released scientific data portal at
http://cryoportal.enveo.at, which provides convenient functionality for
searching, viewing, 

visualising and downloading satellite based products for ice sheets,
glaciers and seasonal snow.


Products include:


.        ice velocities and velocity time series of outlet glaciers in
Greenland and Antarctica

.        calving fronts of outlet glaciers in Greenland (Antarctica in

.        annual ice sheet wide velocity maps of Greenland (Antarctica in

.        grounding lines of several ice shelves in Antarctica 

.        ice velocity maps of ice caps (South Georgia, Alexander Island,
Svalbard; further ice caps will follow) and mountain glaciers (Pamir,

.        snow services: near real time service on daily snow products from
optical and microwave data covering the pan-European domain.


Products are freely available for download after simple registration. We
will frequently update and extend the data sets on the portal.


The products are generated by ENVEO and several partners in various
projects, funded by ESA, EC and national agencies. 

In order to further improve the portal and its usability, your feedback is
very welcome.



Best regards


Thomas Nagler and the ENVEO Team




  Dr. Thomas Nagler 

  Managing Director

  Enveo IT GmbH

  ICT - Technologiepark, Technikerstrasse 21a,   A-6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

  Fon/Fax:  +43 (0)512 50748  300 / 319            Mobile: +43 676 9361565

  Home Page:  <http://www.enveo.at/> http://www.enveo.at



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