[CRYOLIST] First and second order regions for glacier analysis

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Thu Oct 20 23:33:37 PDT 2016

Dear CRYOLIST subscriber,

For regional analysis and comparison of data, it is convenient to group
glaciers by proximity.

We newly provide a standardized dataset of 19 first-order and more than 90
second-order glacier regions from the GTN-G website:

The definition of these regions are based on WGMS (1989) and Radić
and Hock (2010) and drawn from Arendt et al. (2015). Basically, these are
the regions used in the fifth assessment report of the IPCC, in the
Randolph Glacier Inventory, and in the Global Glacier Change Bulletin No.
1 of the WGMS.

By using these glacier regions, you help improving the comparability of
results from regional and global glacier studies.

If you have suggestions and resources to improve this dataset or add
third-order glacier regions on catchment level, please contact us.

Kind regards

Michael Zemp, on behalf of the WGMS team

Arendt et al. (2015): Randolph Glacier Inventory – A Dataset of Global
Glacier Outlines: Version 5.0. Global Land Ice Measurements from Space,
Boulder Colorado, USA. Digital Media.

Radić and Hock (2010): Regional and global volumes of glaciers
derived from statistical upscaling of glacier inventory data. Journal of
Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 115.F1.

WGMS (1989): World glacier inventory – Status 1988. Haeberli, W., Bösch,
H., Scherler, K., Østrem, G. and Wallén, C. C. (eds.), IAHS (ICSI) / UNEP
/ UNESCO, World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland: 458 pp.

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