[CRYOLIST] New database of Greenland ablation measurements

Horst Machguth horst.machguth at geo.uzh.ch
Mon Sep 5 13:52:25 PDT 2016

Dear colleagues

We would like to draw your attention to the database of 'Greenland 
surface mass balance observations from the ice-sheet ablation area and 
local glaciers'. The database contains 3000 point measurements of 
surface mass balance spanning the 123 years from 1892 to 2015. The data 
have been compiled in the framework of the Programme for Monitoring of 
the Greenland Ice Sheet PROMICE and are freely accessible at 
http://www.promice.dk/MassebalancedataDownload.html. The data 
compilation is described in a recent paper at Journal of Glaciology 

We are grateful to all the individuals and institutions who provided 
data and made the compilation possible. We hope the database will prove 
valuable in, e.g., evaluation of model output. Feedback on data quality, 
database structure or missing data is appreciated.

Horst Machguth

University of Zurich, Department of Geography
University of Fribourg, Department of Geoscience

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