[CRYOLIST] New version of the Fluctuations of Glaciers database

World Glacier Monitoring Service wgms at geo.uzh.ch
Wed Jun 21 07:42:07 PDT 2017

Dear members of Cryolist,

The World Glacier Monitoring Service has updated its FoG database with
more than 30,000 new or corrected data records.

This latest update includes:

+ 150 new glacier-wide balances and several thousands (!) of corrected and
enriched data records thanks to the efforts of the colleagues in Norway,
Iceland, Austria and Switzerland

+ 10,000 new point mass balance measurements, e.g. from Truffer et al.
(Univ. Fairbanks) and from Fountain et al. (2016, J. Glaciol.)

+ 3,000 new volume changes from geodetic methods, e.g. from Bauder et al.
(2016, EKK/SCNAT), Vijay & Braun (2016, Remote Sens.), Foresta et al.
(2016, GRL), Le Bris & Paul (2015, Ann. Glaciol.)

+ 500 new front variation observations thanks to observers around the globe

+ 2,450 special events from the surge database by Sevestre & Benn (2015,
J. Glaciol.)

+ an updated look-up-table linking WGMS Glacier IDs to WGI, GLIMS and RGI
databases thanks to efforts by Johannes Landmann

You can access the new database version using the WGMS FoG Browser:

or download the entire database: http://wgms.ch/data_databaseversions/

When using the data, please cite as WGMS (2017, and earlier reports)
and/or the original investigators and sponsoring agencies according to the
available meta-information.

Based on the new database version we are now producing the 2nd Global
Glacier Change Bulletin (WGMS 2017), which will be available by end of
this year.

This new data release was only possible thanks to the long-standing
collaboration with our National Correspondents and the Principal
Investigators. The WGMS acknowledges the support received from the Swiss
GCOS Office at the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology
MeteoSwiss, the University of Zurich, the European Space Agency, and the
Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Kind regards

Michael Zemp, on behalf of the WGMS team

Reference: WGMS (2017): Global Glacier Change Bulletin No. 2 (2014–2015).
Zemp et al. (eds.), ICSU(WDS)/IUGG(IACS)/UNEP/UNESCO/WMO, World Glacier
Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland, publication based on database
version: doi:10.5904/wgms-fog-2017-06.

+ + + +

World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)
Department of Geography
University of Zurich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zurich

phone: +41-44 635 51 39
email: wgms at geo.uzh.ch

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