[CRYOLIST] Workshop on X-ray micro-tomography of porous ice media, Trondheim, 22nd June 2017

Sönke Maus sonke.maus at ntnu.no
Tue May 2 02:33:02 PDT 2017

*Trondheim: Workshop on X-ray micro-tomography of porous ice media*

Thursday, 22^nd June 2017
Norwegian University for Science and Technology, Institute for Civil and 
Environmental Engineering (NTNU-IBM)
Trondheim, Norway

A workshop on X-ray micro-tomography (XRT) of porous Ice Media will be 
hold in Trondheim to gather actors from different research and industry 
fields that work with this technique to explore porous media containing 
ice and snow. The goal is to stimulate a discussion on similarities 
between porous ice media (e.g. snow and firn, sea ice, soil, rocks, 
building, food)and on challenges that X-ray cryo-tomography of ice media 
involves. Examples are temperature control prior to and during imaging, 
trade-off between spatial resolution and sample size, physical property 
evaluation from 3-d images, upscaling of properties to larger scales, 
enhancement of contrast between ice, fat/oil and impurities, in situ 
studies of ice freezing and metamorphosis, synchrotron-based XRT at high 
spatial and temporal resolution and enhanced contrast. Numerical 
modelling contributions related to 3d imaging of porous ice media are 
also welcome. The workshop will include a short visit to the IBM-NTNU 
ice lab facilities and the CT-lab of the Norwegian Centre for X-ray 
Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging (RECX).

Time and location:*
21st - Arrival in Trondheim
22th - 09:00-18:00 Whole day workshop with presentations; Evening dinner 
23rd - 09:00-11:00 Possibility for short visit of ice and RECX CT 
laboratories at NTNU
Location: Scandic Lerkendal (22^nd ), IBM-NTNU and RECX (23^rd )

*Important notes and application:*
The workshop, including meals and dinner on the 22^nd , is free of charge.
The workshop is limited to 20-25 participants, most expected to give a 
20-30 minutes presentation.
Participants may get up to 50% of documented travel and hotel costs 
Please send an email with the following information to 
sonke.maus at ntnu.no <mailto:sonke.maus at ntnu.no>: (i) title and a short 
abstract (100 words) of your talk, (ii) arrival and departure and if you 
like to stay at Scandic Lerkendal (special rate 1050,- Nok per night); 
(iii) approximate travel costs you like to get refunded
*Application deadline: 20.05.2017*

Download of the workshop flyer: 

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