[CRYOLIST] Year of Polar Prediction starts today!

Kirstin Werner kirstin.werner at awi.de
Mon May 15 06:50:41 PDT 2017

Dear CRYOLIST members, 

Today, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has officially launched the Year of Polar Prediction during the WMO Executive Committee meeting #69 in Geneva, Switzerland. From mid-2017 to mid-2019, scientists and operational forecasting centers from various different countries will work together to observe, model, and improve forecasts of the Arctic and Antarctic weather and climate systems.
This two-year international effort, which aims to close gaps in polar forecasting capacity, will lead to better forecasts of weather and sea-ice conditions to improve future environmental safety at both poles. Improved forecasts in polar regions are also expected to result in better weather prediction at lower latitudes where most people live. The Year of Polar Prediction has been initiated by WMO as a response to rapid polar climate change and related transformation of societal and economic activities at the poles. More information <http://www.polarprediction.net/yopp-media-kit/>
We have prepared a media kit with various information including infographics, videos, picture material and a "YOPP explorer" where activities during the Year of Polar Prediction are shown on a map etc. The media kit is accessible at http://www.polarprediction.net/yopp-media-kit/ <http://www.polarprediction.net/yopp-media-kit/>
Also, we would like to share with you the link to our brand-new YOPP YouTube channel <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwPqw3Ed-FOEAMpzWkFHGEA> with the new ICO  <https://youtu.be/fMKo5zlzx9A>WMO AWI video production on  <https://youtu.be/fMKo5zlzx9A>Polar Predictio <https://youtu.be/fMKo5zlzx9A>n <https://youtu.be/fMKo5zlzx9A> and a video with  <https://youtu.be/X_RPGH3oqsE>polar prediction experts explaining what the Year of Polar Prediction <https://youtu.be/X_RPGH3oqsE> is about. 

We are looking forward to an exciting initiative to improve polar forecasting.  

Thanks so much and best wishes from the International Coordination Office for Polar Prediction, 


Dr. Kirstin Werner
WMO-WWRP-PPP/YOPP International Coordination Office (Project Officer)
Alfred Wegener Institute 
Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Bussestr. 24
D-27570 Bremerhaven

phone: +49 (0)471-4831-1588
mail: kirstin.werner at awi.de

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