[CRYOLIST] Greenland BedMachine V3 map available at AGU

JL Bamber ggjlb at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Nov 9 09:08:31 PST 2017

Dear Colleague,

Back in September this year Mathieu Morlighem circulated an email to 
cryolist announcing the release of a new bed elevation data set for 
Greenland called BedMachine v3 (sent 26/9/17). The digital data set is 
available at NSIDC (https://nsidc.org/data/IDBMG4) but, in addition, we 
have produced a beautiful hardcopy map (roughly A0 size) similar to the 
map produced for the Antarctic BEDMAP2. In fact, the British Antarctic 
Survey helped in the production and it forms part of their map series.

We will have copies available, if you would like one, from the NASA 
exhibition stand (booth 1645) from Monday 11th am. I will also have some 
copies with me in case you don't make it to the stand. We will also be 
taking copies to EGU next spring. If you aren't planning to attend 
either of these meetings but would like a copy please send an email with 
your postal address to r.westaway at bristol.ac.uk and we will endeavour to 
send one to you (depending on demand).

Yours, Jonathan, Mathieu and the BedMachine team.


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