[CRYOLIST] Permafrost Research Priorities ranking survey - Deadline: 20 December 2017

Hugues Lantuit Hugues.Lantuit at awi.de
Mon Nov 13 08:14:36 PST 2017

Dear cryolisters,

The International Permafrost Association (*IPA*) and the Climate and 
Cryosphere project (*CliC*) initiated a process back in 2014 to seek 
your input on the definition of research priorities in the field of 
permafrost science. It is now time to collect your opinion on the 
relevance of the questions that were submitted.

You can access the survey on the ranking of permafrost research 
priorities under the following link. The survey will be accessible until 
December 20^th , 2017:


The initial process was very successful and as many as 359 researchers 
from 37 countries submitted research questions. The respondents were 
primarily active in the field of geomorphology, ecology, engineering and 
infrastructure. 79% of them had a PhD and 53.8% of them had more than 10 
years of experience in permafrost research.

The core group spent a considerable amount of hours to read the research 
questions and to come up with a consolidated list to submit for vote. 
The consolidation consisted in removing duplicate questions, merge 
questions with very similar foci, correcting the syntax and spelling of 
the questions and check that the questions answered the criteria put 
forward in the first phase of the process.

The result is a list of 347 questions organized in 20 categories. Some 
questions will look very similar to each other, but the core group 
decided on listing the submitted research questions in a very inclusive 
manner and not to perform too much merging. This leads to more 
representativeness of the original questions, but also to a greater 
number of questions.

In the survey, the responders are invited to review the questions by 
category and can choose to review only one category or several (i.e. if 
you are an expert in more than one category, you have the possibility to 
vote in several of them). The research questions are then displayed 
randomly to avoid a potential bias linked to questionnaire structure. 
Each research question is evaluated with a grade going from 0 to 10.

The evaluation period will run until December 20^th , 2017. The core 
group will then examine the answers and come up with a list of 
consolidated overarching questions reflecting the selection made by the 

Please feel free to share this email and the link with any of your 
colleagues who you think may be interested. Questions can be directed to 
Ylva Sjöberg, CliC fellow (ylva.sjoberg at natgeo.su.se 
<mailto:ylva.sjoberg at natgeo.su.se>) or Hugues Lantuit, chair of the PRP 
Core Group (Hugues.Lantuit at awi.de <mailto:Hugues.Lantuit at awi.de>).

It’s only with the generous help of individuals like you that this 
global community driven list of permafrost research priorities can be 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

*Prof. Dr. Hugues Lantuit*
*Section Periglacial Research*
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