[CRYOLIST] Graduate research opportunities in Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College

Meredith A. Kelly Meredith.A.Kelly at dartmouth.edu
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Graduate research opportunities in Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College

I am looking for two Master's students for projects on glacial geology, paleoclimatology and cosmogenic nuclide dating in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda.  These students will be involved in the NSF-funded project "Collaborative research: Assessing the response of tropical temperature to global forcings since the Last Glacial Maximum" (with Meredith Kelly and Alice Doughty at Dartmouth, and Jim Russell at Brown).  The projects will focus on developing a chronology of glaciation using remote and field mapping and 10Be dating, as well as developing a 10Be production rate using lake sediment cores and radiocarbon dating.  Both projects involve fieldwork in remote locations.  Students will be funded through a combination of research and teaching assistant responsibilities.  Start dates would be June 2018 and September 2018.  Please encourage qualified undergraduates to apply.

For more information about the project and graduate opportunities, contact Meredith Kelly: Meredith.A.Kelly at Dartmouth.edu<mailto:Meredith.A.Kelly at Dartmouth.edu>.  For more information about the Earth Sciences Department at Dartmouth College, please see our website: http://earthsciences.dartmouth.edu/.  Graduate applications are due January 15: https://app.applyyourself.com/AYApplicantLogin/fl_ApplicantLogin.asp?id=dart-grad

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