[CRYOLIST] EGU2018 Session: Subglacial landform genesis and (palaeo) glaciological significance (CR4.4/GM9.6)

Jeremy Ely j.ely at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed Nov 22 06:10:19 PST 2017

Dear Cryolisters,

We would like to invite submission of abstracts to our session at EGU 2017:

Subglacial landform genesis and (palaeo) glaciological significance


We welcome abstracts from anyone interested in subglacial landforms. We are
looking for submissions from a wide range of groups, including
sedimentologists, numerical modellers, glaciologists and geomorphologists.
Further details can be found at: http://meetingorganizer.

The European Geosciences Union General Assembly will be held between the
8th-13th April 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

The abstract Deadline is 10th January 2018 but if you submit an abstract
before the 1st of December 2017 you are able to apply for financial support
from EGU.

Thank you.

Session Organizers
Jeremy Ely, Anna Hughes, Matteo Spagnolo and John Hillier.

Dr Jeremy Ely


Research Associate
BRITICE-Chrono http://britice-chrono.org/
Department of Geography
The University of Sheffield
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