[CRYOLIST] EGU session - Late Quaternary ice-sheet history, sea-level change and landscape evolution of northwest Europe

Natasha Barlow N.L.M.Barlow at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Nov 23 02:32:04 PST 2017

We welcome submissions to our EGU session GM9.3/CL1.25 : Late Quaternary ice-sheet history, sea-level change and landscape evolution of northwest Europe
Confirmed invited speakers: Dr Louise Callard (Durham University) and Dr Henry Patton (The Arctic University of Norway)
The northwest European continental shelf and terrestrial margin have experienced vast changes in sea level and climate during the glacial-interglacial cycles of the late Quaternary, resulting in a complex history of landscape evolution. The processes and spatial patterns of marine and terrestrial sedimentation have been dominated by the growth and decay of major ice sheets, as well as phases of fluvial development and evolution. Regional expressions of global sea-level changes have been modified by the history of late Quaternary glacial-isostatic adjustment. This region encompasses a diverse and evolving range of landscapes including marine, subglacial, periglacial and tundra to climatically warm terrestrial environments, reflecting the changing climate. We invite researchers to share new insights into relative sea-level change, ice sheet history and palaeo-geomorphological changes during the late Quaternary, in this important region of transition between marine and terrestrial environments.  We particularly welcome abstracts from ECRs.  Don't forget the deadline for ECR EGU funding applications requires abstract submission by the 1st December.

Convened by Natasha Barlow (University of Leeds), Freek Busschers (TNO), Kim Cohen (Utrecht University), Carol Cottrill (British Geological Survey) and Andrew Emery (University of Leeds)


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