[CRYOLIST] 2018 Sea Ice Outlook August Report - Now Available

Betsy Turner-Bogren betsy at arcus.org
Wed Aug 22 15:16:59 PDT 2018

The 2018 Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) August Report is now available online. 

To read the report, go to: https://www.arcus.org/sipn/sea-ice-outlook/2018/august

The goal of the SIO is to improve sea ice prediction on seasonal time-scales. For the August report, 39 contributions were received that include pan-Arctic predictions. Of those contributions, 10 also included pan-Antarctic predictions and 11 included predictions for Alaskan waters. 

For the Arctic, the median August Outlook value for a September 2018 sea ice extent projection is 4.6 million square kilometers.

The August report includes an overview of projections of total September Arctic ice extent; a section about predicted spatial fields with discussion on sea ice probability (SIP) and the first ice-free day (IFD) from a number of dynamical models; a section on current conditions and atmospheric conditions; a section discussing regional sea ice conditions; and a section discussing Antarctic sea ice extent forecasts. This report is the product of the Sea Ice Prediction Network–Phase 2 (SIPN2) effort. 

For more information about SIPN2, go to: https://www.arcus.org/sipn/overview.

For more information about the SIO, go to: https://www.arcus.org/sipn/sea-ice-outlook.

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