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Marilyn Raphael Raphael at geog.ucla.edu
Sun Aug 26 12:03:11 PDT 2018

We are seeking motivated individuals with a background in spatial, temporal and computational statistics to apply for a (GSR) graduate student (MA/PhD) research position in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Los Angeles. The GSR research work is part of a collaborative project funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). The project will generate a reconstruction of Antarctic sea ice extent and sea ice concentration for the 20th century, relying largely upon the relationships between satellite-observed sea ice, sea level pressure, tropical sea surface temperature, ENSO indices, some data (ice core, etc.), and in situ Southern Ocean temperature data. The primary aim is to reconstruct the records as accurately as possible while retaining the variability associated with the intrinsic uncertainty in the available data. The proposed research aims to remedy the lack of knowledge about Antarctic sea ice variability prior to 1978, allowing answers to questions about the range and scope of Antarctic sea ice variability in the 20th century as well as the uniqueness of recent trends.  The GSR position is fully funded by NSF for up to three years, including research funding and travel allowance for professional training, national-international collaborative work and active participation in scientific meetings.

This project is ideal for a student interested in developing expertise in cutting-edge statistical methodology, spatio-temporal modeling and the combination of multiple data sets.  The GSR will be supervised by Dr. Marilyn N. Raphael (Geography) and Dr. Mark S. Handcock (Statistics). Interested persons should contact Dr. Marilyn N. Raphael at “raphael at geog dot ucla dot edu”

Marilyn Raphael
UCLA Department of Geography

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