[CRYOLIST] 3rd edition of the postgraduate course "Glaciology of the Southern Andes", 6-10 August 2018, Mendoza, Argentina

Lucas Ruiz lruiz at mendoza-conicet.gob.ar
Tue Jul 3 16:55:38 PDT 2018

Dear Cryolist members, 

We are glad to announce the 3 rd edition of the postgraduate course Glaciology of the Southern Andes, by Instituto Argentino de Nivología, Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales (IANIGLA- CONICET), which will be held in Mendoza, Argentina, from 6 to 10 of August 2018. 


The course is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the physics of glaciers with examples from the Southern Andes. Due to his extent, the Southern Andes (22°S-54°S) span a broad range of both latitude and altitude. Which dictates an extensive variety of temperature and precipitation conditions, resulting in a significant climatic diversity that hosts numerous and different types of glaciers. We will exploit these differences to get a better understanding of the importance of glaciers and glacier changes in local to regional human activities. 

Key topics include: 

    * Climatology of the Southern Andes 
    * The history of glaciology and glaciological discoveries along the Southern Andes 
    * Glacier mass balance and hydrology in the Southern Andes 
    * Glacier dynamics, surging and tidewater glaciers in the Southern Andes 
    * Remote Sensing in glaciology 
    * Glacier geology along the Southern Andes 

During the course, lectures will be given each morning, and the concepts will we consolidate with computational exercises each afternoon, based on examples from the different climatic regions of the Southern Andes. Also, a field excursion of two days to the Parque Provincial Aconcagua will be organized in which all the student could get a closer look of the field techniques to need to retrieve glacier mass balance and dynamic data. 

The course is taught in Spanish by glaciologists and climatologists from IANIGLA and is intended for postgraduate students with research's subject related with glaciology. Also, graduate students or technicians from public or private agencies related to the management of mountain hydrology or natural resource management of the Southern Andes are welcome to apply. 

To apply, please fill the application form and send it with a copy of your CV in pdf (3 pages maximum) to [ mailto:cursos at mendoza-conicet.gob.ar | cursos at mendoza-conicet.gob.ar ] 

Further information and application form at: [ https://www.mendoza-conicet.gob.ar/portal/paginas/index/glaciologia-de-los-andes-del-sur | https://www.mendoza-conicet.gob.ar/portal/paginas/index/glaciologia-de-los-andes-del-sur ] 

Best regards. 

Lucas Ruiz 
Dr. Lucas Ruiz 
Investigador Asistente 
Ianigla - CCT Mendoza - Conicet 
Casilla de Correo 330 
5500 Mendoza, Argentina 
Tel.: +54 - 261 - 524 4235 
Fax: +54 - 261 - 524 4200 
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