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Anthony Arendt arendta at uw.edu
Wed Jul 4 15:31:28 PDT 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We ask you to consider submitting to our Cryosphere session entitled, “Collaborative research to address changes in the climate, hydrology and cryosphere of High Mountain Asia.” The session goal is to emphasize the collaborative nature of the research required to tackle complex science questions across High Mountain Asia, whether that includes teams that cross two or more disciplines and/or the integration of multiple types of tools and information. Please see the session description below. We’d appreciate your help in forwarding this to your own networks. Follow this link to the Abstract Submission site and this link to visit the session details.

Session Description:
High Mountain Asia is the world’s largest reservoir of perennial glaciers and snow outside of the Earth’s polar ice sheets, supplying water to more than a billion people. Changes in the region’s glaciers, snow, permafrost, climate and precipitation patterns have altered this water supply, while also transforming regional ecology, hydropower production systems, land utilization, and the hazards associated with landslides, ice avalanches and glacial-lake-outburst floods. Addressing these challenges requires data sharing, collaboration and research integration across multiple disciplines and agencies. We invite scientists and regional stakeholders to participate in an interactive discussion aimed at enhancing research coordination and advancing knowledge of the High Asian cryosphere. This session welcomes studies that combine field and remote sensing observations with climate and land surface models to provide decision support and inform hazard mitigation.
Primary Section/Focus Group: Cryosphere
SWIRL Theme: Climate

Anthony Arendt, Umesh Haritashya, and Sasha Richey

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