[CRYOLIST] AGU Session GP012. The Polar Geomagnetic Field in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Joseph Stoner jstoner at coas.oregonstate.edu
Mon Jul 9 22:40:52 PDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the session entitled “The Polar Geomagnetic Field in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres” at the upcoming AGU fall meeting in Washington, D.C. (Dec. 10-14, 2018) – see below for session details. The deadline is August 1.

Best regards and looking forward seeing you in Washington!

Guillaume and Joe

Guillaume St-Onge
Professor and Chair
Canada Research Chair in Marine Geology
Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski (ISMER) 
Université du Québec à Rimouski
guillaume_st-onge at uqar.ca <mailto:guillaume_st-onge at uqar.ca>

Joseph Stoner
co-Director, OSU Marine and Geology Repository 
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
jstoner at coas.oregonstate.edu <mailto:jstoner at coas.oregonstate.edu>

Session ID: 45207 
Session Title: GP012. The Polar Geomagnetic Field in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Historical observations, paleomagnetic data and geodynamo theory attest to the unique properties of the geomagnetic field of Polar Regions. Observations from Polar Regions are challenging, yet they can provide a unique vantage point to obtain information on the dynamics of the geodynamo. We solicit both observational (satellite, historical, archeomagnetic and/or paleomagnetic records) and modeling results that constrain the polar geomagnetic field of both hemispheres and provide insights into the recent migration of the North and South Magnetic Poles, geomagnetic features such as the reversed flux at the core mantle boundary, the high latitude flux lobes, the polar vortex, the tangent cylinder, high latitude jets and how these impact our understanding of geomagnetic changes on all timescales. We also solicit studies on the impact of the polar geomagnetic field on Earth’s near space environment, Earth surface processes and the use of the polar paleomagnetic record in magnetic stratigraphy at all timescales.

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