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Dear Colleagues,

Do you work in Arctic Environments? Past, Present, and/or Future? Please consider submitting to our AGU session: "Quantifying Arctic System Change: Past, Present, and Future” (Session PP52059).  The deadline for abstract submission is 01 Aug 2018 at 23:59 (EDT).

*Session Description*
Glacial and periglacial landscapes, permafrost environments, and their associated ecosystems are transforming in direct response to anthropogenic climate forcing. As growing contemporary Arctic datasets reveal important decadal-scale climate trends, evaluating these with geologic records and models is necessary for quantifying the impact of recent system changes. This in turn informs predictions of  the future state of the Arctic, and the cascading effects change here has on the global system. We seek abstracts from a diverse range of fields addressing past, present, and future change in the Arctic, including (but not limited to) glacial geology, climate and ice-sheet modeling  climate and ecosystem reconstructions, future projections, and feedbacks related to Arctic systems. This session is intended to facilitate a discussion that merges topics of Arctic change across fields to more comprehensively understand dynamic conditions in Arctic landscapes and the future impacts of contemporary climate change.

Please feel free to contact myself or another convener if you have any questions and we hope to see you in December!


Gaylen Sinclair (Oregon State University)
Simon Pendleton (CU Boulder)
Jamie McFarlin (Northwestern University)
Simon Pendleton
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University of Colorado Boulder
Dept. of Geological Sciences
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