[CRYOLIST] 2 PhD Projects on Snow Deposition and Sublimation in Extreme Environments

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Dear colleagues

Please find the announcement of two positions below (the attachment from 
yesterday could not be opened by all). Kind regards, Michi Lehning

Joint Professorship in Snow Processes and Cryospheric Sciences
WSL / SLF Davos
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL ENAC IEE CRYOS

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL) is amongst 
the most renowned international universities and active in research on 
Extreme Environments, in particular high mountains and the poles. In a 
project financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation the CRYOS 
laboratory of Prof. Lehning is offering

2 PhD Projects on Snow Deposition and Sublimation in Extreme Environments 

The two PhD projects work in a team investigating the processes that 
happen after precipitation formation in the clouds and before the final 
incorporation in a (permanent) snow / firn body. This is key to an 
understanding of High Mounatin and Polar mass balances and water 
resources. Measuring and modelling flow-particle interactions, sublimation 
and snow deposition is still a challenge and these processes remain 
sources of high uncertainties in larger scale weather and climate models. 
The two students will work with the state of the art numerical and 
experimental methods in a strong team to develop an improved physical 
understanding and better model descriptions of the processes involved. You 
will have the opportunity to participate in expeditions to polar regions 
and/or high mountains to conduct own measurements. In collaboration with 
international research partners, you will publish important research 
results in international scientific journals. 
You hold a university degree in meteorology, physics, natural sciences or 
a related field and have proven expertise of the processes occurring in 
snow and/or the atmospheric boundary layer. You bring solid analytical 
capacities and a good talent for organisation and communication. You enjoy 
working in a team that operates at these extreme environments. 
Please submit your application with motivation letter, CV and a summary of 
grades to Ms. Jessica Ritzi (jessica.ritzi at epfl.ch). Applications received 
until the end of July and from applicants who have already applied to the 
EPFL doctoral school will be given a priority. Prof. Lehning is happy to 
answer questions on the project.
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