[CRYOLIST] Week of ACCAP webinars - July 17, 18, and 20

Tina Buxbaum tmbuxbaum at alaska.edu
Mon Jul 16 10:29:38 PDT 2018

*Week of Webinars*Tuesday, July 17 @ 10am
Wednesday, July 18 @ 11am
Friday, July 20 @ 12pm

*1. July 17 (10am ADT) Alaska Climate Webinar *
Visualizing Climate Change: A Quick Guide to Online Tools from the
Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning
Nancy Fresco, SNAP Coordinator
SNAP offers online tools to allow you to view models and maps showing
changes in temperature, precipitation, fire, sea ice, extreme events and
other variables at the community or regional level. Join us to see what's
available, and what's new.
More information and registration (https://accap.uaf.edu/SNAP_Tools)

*2. July 18 (11am ADT) Virtual Alaska Weather Symposium *
The NOAA Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS): Products,
Applications, and Improvements
Christopher Grassotti, NESDIS STAR/SMCD
The presentation will cover the background of the MiRS retrieval approach,
and then move on to discussion of retrieval products, user applications,
and recent work aimed at scientific improvements.
More information and registration (https://accap.uaf.edu/VAWS_July2018)

*3. July 20 (12pm ADT) July NWS Alaska Climate Outlook Briefing*
Rick Thoman, National Weather Service
We will review recent climate conditions around Alaska, review some
forecast tools and finish up the Climate Prediction Center's forecast for
August and the remaining summer/early fall season.
More information and registration (https://accap.uaf.edu/July_2018)

Available online or in-person in 407 IARC/Akasofu building on the UAF

General Webinar Information Here (https://accap.uaf.edu/webinars)

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