[CRYOLIST] Masters student position studying Antarctic subglacial geochemisty

Joseph Graly joseph.graly at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 11:52:54 PDT 2018

Hello Cryolisters,

             Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis currently
has a funded project studying geochemical processes in East Antarctica to
explore Antarctica’s role in global geochemical cycles, including assessing
the degree to which the ice sheet modulates climate through subglacial
geochemistry. The project will employ chemistry, mineralogy and isotope
analyses to assess the rate and type of chemical alteration occurring
beneath the ice.

We are looking to recruit a Masters student to work on analyzing samples
collected from the Transantarctic Mountains, focusing on their chemical
characterization and measuring meteoric 10Be in specifically extracted
phases. The samples were collected in the course of previous projects, so
there will not be a field work component. Some background in geochemistry
and mineralogy is desired, as well as interest in glaciers and Earth’s
climate system. The student will be supported through a research fellowship
in the first year and a teaching fellowship in the second year. The stipend
is $19,000 per year and tuition costs will be covered. Additionally, a
University Fellowship may be available to highly qualified applicants. The
student can start in either January or August, 2019.

If you could pass this along to any undergraduates you think might be
interested, we'd greatly appreciate it. More information about our research
group can be found at: https://iu.edu/~antrock. More information about the
graduate program in Earth Sciences at IUPUI is here:
Interested students should contact Joseph Graly (jgraly at iupui.edu) or Kathy
Licht (klicht at iupui.edu). Students seeking a January start will need to
apply in September, 2018.


Joseph Graly
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