[CRYOLIST] Ice-bed processes at AGU

LUCAS ZOET lzoet at wisc.edu
Tue Jul 17 12:21:19 PDT 2018

We would like to draw your attention to AGU session C007: Advances in Understanding Processes at the Beds of Glaciers and Ice Sheets
Invited speakers are Brent Goehring (Tulane University) and Grace Barcheck (UC-Santa Cruz)
The dynamic behavior of land-based and marine-terminating glaciers depends on processes at the ice-bed interface that are difficult to observe directly. However, these processes are crucial for understanding ice movement and the development of landscapes under past and future climates.
This session includes contributions that focus on glaciological, geomorphic, geochemical, and geobiological phenomena at glacier beds. Processes of interest include ice and bed deformation, basal slip, subglacial hydrology, subglacial erosion and sediment transport, development of subglacial landforms and stratigraphy, and microbial alteration of the basal environment, among others. We invite a range of approaches that address the spatiotemporal scales of these processes, including field and geophysical observations, laboratory experiments, sedimentological and morphometric studies, and modeling efforts.

Luke Zoet, Neal Iverson, Winnie Chu and Knut Christianson

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