[CRYOLIST] AGU session to highlight applications of new, enhanced-resolution passive microwave data

Mary Jo Brodzik brodzik at nsidc.org
Fri Jul 20 10:26:58 PDT 2018

Dear Cryolist,

Are you using (or thinking about using) the newly available Calibrated, 
Enhanced-Resolution Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures data?

This long-awaited data set is a complete reprocessing of gridded TBs, 
available from the NSIDC DAAC since July 12 this year:


Using innovative image reconstruction techniques, the data include all 
channels at conventional, 25 km resolution, and entirely new, 
enhanced-resolution grids at up to 3.125 km (depending on frequency). 
Even better: we used the improved, EASE-Grid 2.0, projections to improve 
and simplify usability with many map projection software packages.
The complete record includes six SSM/I, four SSMIS, SMMR and AMSR-E 
sensors, with many overlap periods that have never before been available 
in gridded form.

If you are using these new data (or wish to investigate the new 
information in it), please consider a contribution to our AGU session:

C013: Breaking the mold: New sensors, enhanced datasets, new tools and 
parameters from satellite passive microwave instruments


Thank you,
Mary Jo

Mary Jo Brodzik, Senior Associate Scientist, 303-492-8263
NSIDC/CIRES, Univ. of Colo. at Boulder, 449 UCB, Boulder, CO 80309-0449
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used
when we created them."  --Albert Einstein

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