[CRYOLIST] Workshop on Cryospheric Extremes, 25th - 27th April 2018, Helsinki, Finland

Jari Haapala jari.haapala at fmi.fi
Mon Mar 5 07:48:06 PST 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I think many of you have experienced personally one kind of "cryospheric 
extremes" event during the last two weeks when the Arctic cold air 
outbreak has extended almost to the entire Europe. If you are 
interesting on this and other cryospheric extremes and want to share 
your expertize on forecasting and impacts these events, you should joint 
for the IASC workshop on Cryospheric Extremes which will be held in 
Helsinki, Finland on 25th - 27th April 2019.

Topics of interest include

Observing cryospheric extremes (CE) and their precursors
Modelling requirements for CE
Producing and verifying forecasts of CE
CE and climate change
Relevance of CE for society/users

Our keynote speakers include Timo Vihma (FMI), Daniela Domeisen (ETHZ), 
Timothy Henson (ECMWF) and Joan Ballester (IC3).

We have extended deadline for a registration until 13th March. For a 
finding more information of the workshop and registration, please visit


On behalf of the organization committee
Jari Haapala

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