[CRYOLIST] Funded PhD in permafrost, gas-hydrates & methane dynamics...

Alun Lloyd Hubbard alun.l.hubbard at uit.no
Mon Mar 5 09:28:59 PST 2018

Please be aware, forward & advertise widely to budding icy/geophysics researchers...

a PhD studentship currently on offer:

"Dissociation of gas hydrates and methane release under changing permafrost conditions."

It's fully funded & co-hosted at Swansea (UK) & Tromso (Norway) Universities with lots of lovely fieldwork up in Svalbard.

Closing deadline 30 March.

For more details & application procedure see:

Any further Qs - please get in touch with either Bernd Kulessa (b.kulessa at swansea.ac.uk) or myself.

Many thanks,

Alun Hubbard

Professor of Glaciology
Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate
UiT – The Arctic University of Norway
Department of Geology
N-9037, Tromsø, Norway


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