[CRYOLIST] Two PhD positions in Arctic meteorology in Bergen, Norway

Erik Wilhelm Kolstad Erik.Kolstad at uni.no
Fri Mar 9 05:17:27 PST 2018

The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research is announcing two PhD positions in Bergen, Norway, within the research project ALERTNESS (Advanced models and weather prediction in the Arctic: Enhanced capacity from observations and polar process representations)

Both positions are part of an ambitious research project with the aim to bring weather forecasting for Arctic regions to a new level. Within the stimulating environment of a project involving European operational forecasting centres and several academic partners, one PhD position is available at the Geophysical Institute at University of Bergen, and one at Uni Research Climate, also in Bergen.

The two PhD candidates will play important roles in the project. They will work together and with other project scientists on exploring innovative ways to verify Arctic forecasts, and to identify error sources in an Arctic weather forecast model. The work will be centred around MET Norway's operational model AROME Arctic. Visits and extended stays at cooperating European forecasting centres are anticipated.

PhD in Arctic model verification:
Contact Erik.Kolstad at uni.no<mailto:Erik.Kolstad at uni.no>

PhD in numerical weather prediction for the Arctic:
Contact Harald.Sodemann at uib.no<mailto:Harald.Sodemann at uib.no>

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