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Dear colleagues,

The 2018 joint AMQUA-CANQUA conference will be held in Ottawa, Canada from
Aug. 7-11 (https://www.quaternary2018.com/).

We would like to draw your attention to our session, 'Session S8. The
Relict Permafrost Environment', and hope you will consider submitting an
abstract. Registration and abstract submission is now open, and will close
on May 7. Please see the conference website for more details.

Session Abstract:

Permafrost is a thermal condition of the ground, but also a relict feature,
having formed sometime in the past. The persistence of cold ground
temperatures for periods of hundreds to tens of thousands of years provides
a remarkable opportunity to understand past environments from water
isotopes and geochemical proxies, and ancient biomolecules along with
plant, faunal and microbial records.  However, the nature and genesis of
icy permafrost also influences the form and distribution of ground ice and
thus terrain sensitivity to future climate change.  We invite submissions
on all aspects of relict permafrost research aimed at reconstructing past
environments, including preservation of proxies in icy permafrost, but also
contributions that consider the influence of past environments on the
occurrence and sensitivity of ground ice to disturbance.

We look forward to seeing you in Ottawa.


Trevor Porter, Denis Lacelle and Duane Froese

Denis Lacelle
Associate professor
Department of Geography
University of Ottawa
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