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Christina Hulbe christina.hulbe at otago.ac.nz
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Kia ora Alun

The maps and graphics are eye-catching and easy to understand and the interactive map is great.

I think I have an answer to one of the mysteries in the time series of panels, why the Neanderthals went extinct. None of the ladies appear to have been wearing shirts! That would have been a big disadvantage when the climate got cold. The dudes are mostly covered up, I note. 

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Dear all,

I'd like to draw your attention to a public outreach initiative:


that demonstrates the impact of the last ice age on the people, fauna, flora, sea level and landscapes across Northern Europe.

It is narrated by Lenny lemming who tells the illustrated story of what happened to him and his (not so fortunate) furry friends as the ice sheets waxed and waned.

Though based on published model simulations of the Eurasian ice sheet, its aimed at children and curious adults and includes useful animations of the ice sheet (and other materials) that might be useful for teaching, presentations etc.

The initiative was funded by the Norwegian Research Council and adapted from an interactive installation in the new Climate exhibition at Nordnorsk vitensenter in Tromsø.

It is still ongoing so any positive feedback, comments or ideas are most welcome.

Many thanks,


p.s. Does this count as work?

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