[CRYOLIST] Focus group discussion on extreme events in the Arctic @POLAR2018

Petty, Alek A. (GSFC-6150)[UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND] alek.a.petty at nasa.gov
Tue Mar 20 08:38:55 PDT 2018

Dear Cryolisters,

We are seeking to fill a few more positions for an IASC-funded focus group discussion at the POLAR2018 meeting in Davos, Switzerland. See details below:

Improving our understanding of extreme events in the Arctic using a cross-disciplinary approach.

IASC-funded focus group discussion at the POLAR 2018 conference in Davos, Switzerland (19th-22nd June, 2018).

The dramatic changes in the Arctic over recent decades have attracted widespread scientific and public attention. An increasingly important issue related to this is the rising prevalence and severity of extreme events in the Arctic.

To reconcile the gap between the needs and current efforts of the scientific community surrounding extreme events in the Arctic, and how they relate to various Arctic science sub-disciplines, we are hosting a multi-day focus group discussion at the POLAR 2018 meeting in Davos, Switzerland in June 2018: Improving our understanding of extreme events in the Arctic using a cross-disciplinary approach.


A side meeting room has been booked for the evening of Tuesday 19th (6.30pm - 8pm), and lunchtime on Thursday 21st (12.30pm - 2pm) and Friday 22nd (12.30pm - 2pm) June (in A Sertig, at the conference center). A free lunch will be provided!

We wish to encourage applications only from those who can attend all three meetings, although we do appreciate some people might need to leave early or arrive late because of other commitments. The focus group discussions will be written up shortly after the meeting. We thus expect some input (email correspondence) from participants before and after the meeting.


We are looking to recruit scientists whose expertise span the field of Arctic science including, but not limited to, the themes of the IASC working groups: Atmospheres (e.g. extreme weather event attribution), Cryosphere (e.g. sea ice/land ice response), Marine (e.g. rapid shifts in Arctic circulation/ecosystems), Social & Human (e.g. impacts on indigenous Arctic communities), Terrestrial (e.g. rapid permafrost thawing, coastal erosion). The discussion group will be kept small (~12-15 participants) to encourage active involvement from all participants in the discussions.

We encourage interested applicants to email Alek Petty (alek.a.petty at nasa.gov<mailto:alek.a.petty at nasa.gov>) ASAP with the short application form (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wYtKOKYlIm3MyJg5FlsUizOEoTUJNowP/view?usp=sharing) completed and attached. Brief statements will suffice!


The discussion group has received funding from the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), however we expect that the majority of participants were already planning on attending the POLAR 2018 meeting and have funding to do so.


Alek Petty (Cryosphere WG)

Thomas Armitage (Marine WG)

Manisha Geneshan (Atmospheres WG)

Jim Overland (Marine WG)
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