[CRYOLIST] IASC "Cutting barriers in snow knowledge" Workshop

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Thu Mar 22 06:15:55 PDT 2018

Dear Colleagues

We would like to announce the 

IASC "Cutting barriers in snow knowledge" Workshop
8th of April 2018 in Vienna,  13:00-17:30

Venue: Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Neues 
Institutsgebäude (NIG), 4th floor, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna.

Snow is a key element of the arctic regions. Most projects of all IASC 
working groups are directly or indirectly affected by snow. The 
overarching goal of this cross-cutting IASC initiative("task force") is to 
establish an improved common knowledge on snow related processes by 
linking snow-interested specialists in the different fields by different 
means. A second goal is to establish a snow measuring network at 
INTERACT-stations, especially for non-standard snow properties 

Topics to discuss:
- How to improve methods and standardized protocols to measure snowpack 
physical and chemical properties
- Implementation of a comprehensive program of measurement of key snowpack 
properties ( physical and chemical) at INTERACT stations, as well as to 
super sites (CryoNet) and IASOA-stations. 
- coordination with T-MOSAIC

Please register at:
Please register by 31st of March!

Limited travel support is available.

Martin Schneebeli, Program Chair <schneebeli at slf.ch>
Annett Bartsch, Local Organizer <annett.bartsch at polarresearch.at>
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