[CRYOLIST] Polar2018 SOOS-relevant data events

Beja De Almeida E Silva, Joana joja at bodc.ac.uk
Mon Mar 26 14:05:10 PDT 2018

Dear cryo list members:
(Apologies in advance for cross-posting)

I’d like to alert you to two key Southern Ocean Observing System-related events in the lead-up to the main POLAR2018 science conference that we’d love to invite you to.

1.       Southern Ocean data hack – calling scientists and data managers
Come and play with the SeaView<http://www.seaviewdata.org/> data team. They’ve mashed together a Southern Ocean Data Collection species presence-absence data from all through the water column, together with physical oceanographic datasets from GO-SHIP/WOCE, Argo, and SOCCOM floats. Bring your own data, or explore the data they’ve already brought together for you. The data managers in the room will help you explore correlations and opportunities to develop new publication opportunities. This session is open to physicists, biologists, and everyone in between.

The Southern Ocean data hack will be held on Sunday, 17 June 2018, 8am – 4pm in Room B Strela. For more details, contact Steve Diggs on sdiggs [at] ucsd.edu

2.       Polar Federated Data Search Working Group
This is one for the data managers – the Polar Federated Data Search Working Group is a new body to advise polar data management groups (SOOS, SCADM, and ADC) on opportunities to develop better tools to aggregate metadata records and developed federated searching tools. Please join us for an update on our progress so far and to help us plan our next steps.

We’ll be meeting on Monday, 18 June, 8am – 4pm in Room B Strela. For more details, contact Pip Bricher on data [at] soos.aq

Early bird registration<https://www.polar2018.org/registration.html> for Polar2018 closes in a week, after which, things get more expensive. So please take this as a friendly reminder to get registered now, if you’re planning to join us there.  If you are planning on attending any of the side meetings  (15-18 June) you’ll also need register for that, for an added 30CHF.

Best regards,

Joana Beja
BAS liaison officer,
ORCHESTRA Programme data manager,
Changing Arctic Ocean Programme data manager,
Requests Officer,
SOOS-DMSC co-chair

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