[CRYOLIST] Palaeotopography and palaobathymetry workshop at POLAR2018

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Tue Mar 27 09:40:50 PDT 2018

Dear all,
As you register for POLAR2018 in Davos, please take note of a side meeting 'Paleobathymetry and Paleotopography of Antarctica and Greenland' that takes place during the Open Science Conference. This workshop is largely focussed on ongoing work for Antarctica under the umbrella of the PAIS (Past Antarctic Ice Sheets) SCAR working group (https://www.scar.org/science/pais/pais/ ) as a way to generate better palaeo boundary conditions for the community to use in their investigations and modelling studies. We also hope that there might be interest in considering palaeotopographic and palaeobathymetric reconstructions for Greenland and are keen to have discussions that cross both poles.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 19th June at 6:30-9:30 pm in room B Rinerhorn & Strela (this is immediately after the opening reception so we will have a 'relaxed' discussion).

We anticipate discussion following an approximate agenda as outlined below but we will be flexible depending on group interest:

1)      Outline of process and progress on Antarctic palaeobathymetry compilation.

2)      Outline of process and progress on Antarctic palaeotopography reconstruction.

3)      Discussion of how to deal with intermediate timeslices (e.g. times in between reconstructions)

4)      Is there interest in a Greenland palaeotopographic/palaeobathymetric reconstruction?

5)      What do modellers need from us? Format? Particular timeslices of interest in relation to particular sensitivities?

6)      From palaeotopography to palaeolandscape and palaeoceanography - adding context to the reconstructions (e.g. climate, vegetation, ocean circulation etc.) -we are hoping all sorts of people might want to use these products - not just ice sheet modellers so it will be helpful to discuss what the polar community might like to do with such reconstructions.

If you will attend our workshop (it's free!) then it would be useful if you can email me (Stewart.Jamieson at durham.ac.uk<mailto:Stewart.Jamieson at durham.ac.uk>) to indicate you will attend (and provide a sentence of where your interest lies) but otherwise, if you are registered for the Open Science Conference then you will all be most welcome.

Stewart Jamieson and Karsten Gohl (Co-chairs SCAR-PAIS palaeobathymetry-palaeotopography group)

Dr Stewart S.R. Jamieson
Assistant Professor: Ice Modelling and Landscape Evolution
Rm W411 West Building,
Department of Geography,
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