[CRYOLIST] Ph.D. student position studying waves and turbulence in the marginal ice zone - IFREMER (Brest, France).

Peter Sutherland peter.sutherland at ifremer.fr
Tue Mar 27 09:42:58 PDT 2018

The Laboratory for Ocean Physics and Satellite remote sensing (LOPS) is 
offering a Ph.D. position that will study the interactions between 
near-surface turbulence and surface waves in the presence of sea ice. 
The student will approach the problem using field measurements supported 
by modelling and theory.  The project can be tailored to the student’s 
own interests, but the work will initially be guided by the following 
questions: How much wave energy is lost to under-ice turbulence?  How 
does that turbulence vary spatially?  Under what conditions 
(ice/wave/etc.) is turbulence significant in the wave energy budget? 
When does mixing due to wave-driven turbulence affect the composition of 
the upper-water column and ice melt/formation?

Host institution: Laboratoire d'Océanographie Physique et Spatiale, IFREMER
Location: Brest, France
Duration: 3 years
*Application deadline: 17 April 2018*

Required qualifications:
- Strong undergraduate and master’s degrees in physics, math, 
engineering, or a related field.
- Self-directed; can solve problems independently.
- Some experience programming in Python, Matlab, or similar.
- Capable of written and verbal communication in English
- Some experience with fluid dynamics, ideally ocean surface waves 
and/or turbulence, is desirable but not required.

For additional details, and to apply, please visit:


For questions related to this posting, feel free to contact Peter 
Sutherland (peter.sutherland at ifremer.fr)

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