[CRYOLIST] POLAR2018 AntArchitecture Workshop on Antarctica's Internal Ice Structure

Robert G Bingham r.bingham at ed.ac.uk
Wed Mar 28 10:01:53 PDT 2018

Dear all,

In connection with the upcoming SCAR POLAR2018 in Davos, we invite you 
to a side meeting of the “AntArchitecture” consortium on *Friday 15 
June* 11:00-16:00, A Forum (House A).

/AntArchitecture/is the name of a proposed new science programme in SCAR 
whose underpinning goal is to use radar-imaged information on the 
internal structure of the Antarctic Ice Sheet - i.e., its internal 
architecture – to inform palaeoclimatic reconstruction and ice-sheet 
modelling of the future contributions of the ice sheet to global sea 
level. A first meeting of the group was held in Edinburgh in July 2017, 
and the scope and outcomes of that meeting are available here:


For the AntArchitecture side meeting in Davos, we anticipate discussion 
following the general outline below, but this is flexible depending on 
attendees and interest:

1)Progress with tracing or otherwise recording the internal structure of 
the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

2)Development of workflows for recording, homogenising across surveys, 
and visualising subsurface information.

3)Identification of regions with good/bad information on internal 
structure of the ice.

4)Applications: linking ice core age-depth profiles, Oldest Ice, 
modelling accumulation, ice flow.

5)What do (a) ice-sheet modellers, (b) palaeoclimate researchers / 
ice-core scientists, and (c) possible other users (?) need as products 
from AntArchitecture?

PLEASE NOTE that the day of the workshop is the Friday BEFORE the Open 
Science conference in the following week, and that to attend you must 
register for the ASSW or other meetings and workshops (30 CHF) – for 
this you do get free coffee and a lunch, you’ll also be registered for 
other side interesting side meetings over the same weekend (e.g. 
AntClim21, SERCE…), and you get the chance to enjoy a nice weekend in 
Davos before the Open Science conference starts!

If you plan to attend the workshop (calling all icy geophysicists, 
palaeoclimate researchers, modellers…) please can you email us in 
advance to r.bingham at ed.ac.uk <mailto:r.bingham at ed.ac.uk>and give an 
indication of whether you’d like to contribute some slides.

Very best wishes,

Rob Bingham (University of Edinburgh), Olaf Eisen (Alfred Wegener 
Institute), Nanna Karlsson (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland – 
GEUS), Joe MacGregor (NASA Goddard), Neil Ross (Newcastle University), 
Duncan Young (University of Texas at Austin)

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